PDF Decorator

Simple tool to easily add stamps and backgrounds to your PDF documents.

Just drag and drop

Just drag and drop your PDF on a decorator you configured earlier and viola! The stamp or background will be added to the document you've just dropped.

Create your own decorators

Use your favorite document editor be it MS Word, LibreOffice or Inkscape to design your own stamp or background. After it is ready just save it as a PDF and use the Add decorator button in our app to configure it.

Download for free

No installation is required. Just double click on the downloaded file and the app should pop up.

However it will require Java 8 to be in your system. If the app does not open try instaling the leatest Java. If you prefer OpenJDK be sure to have the OpenJFX also installed.

Free and open source

You can use this application for free, no strings attached and if your a software developer you can even use the source code under the terms of the GPL v3 licence.


This app is being developed by the WALCZAK.IT company. If you'd like to report a bug or suggest a feature please send us an email to office@walczak.it. To develop this app we used open source tools and libraries which are listed here.